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positive mind. positive vibes. positive life.


At the age of 5, Katherine DuBois' yoga journey began. Thanks to her mom, Katherine was placed in her first yoga class. ​​ Sheryl Edsall of ​​ Naturally Yoga kick started Katherine's yoga journey. 

After practicing for  years, Katherine decided she wanted to deepen her connection to yoga and become a teacher. 
Katherine completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training through iFlow Yoga . Amy Pastore, founder of iFlow Yoga, was an influential part of Katherine’s yogic and personal growth. 

Now, Katherine is a passionate yoga teacher eager to share her love of yoga with those who have studied for years, those interested in trying yoga for the first time and everyone in between. Her vinyasa style classes are centered around helping students disconnect from their busy lives allowing them to better focus on what their body is saying. It is through this unity of physical and mental concentration where a relaxing way to strengthen your mind and body can be found. 

Katherine grew up in Ridgewood, NJ and when she is not teaching yoga, she works as a teaching assistant at The Upper Saddle River Children’s Academy while also taking college courses. 

One of Katherine’s favorite quotes from Buddha is “peace comes from within, do not seek it with out” which means to her that the skills needed to accomplish any task can be found within each of us. Katherine looks forward to helping all of her students unlock these gifts in the pursuit of their life’s goals. 

  1. Kakiat County Park
    Kakiat County Park
  2. Inukshuk
  3. The Tourney Fountain
    The Tourney Fountain
  4. Niagara Falls
    Niagara Falls
  5. Plum Island
    Plum Island
  6. Airplane Sunset
    Airplane Sunset
  7. Canyon Sainte-Anne
    Canyon Sainte-Anne